Dear Fellow Hoot Kloot Fanatics!

We need a space online to unite and develop ideas about how we can get this show back on the airways. So I'm creating this site, it is our new resource! In the coming months I plan on building this up because it is good quality entertainment and we need stuff like that in our country again. So, please check back...meanwhile, I have put some info from my favorite episode below...






Kloot's Kounty
January 19 - Hoot Kloot

Director: Hawley Pratt
Writer: John W. Dunn
Music: Doug Goodwin
Voices: Bob Holt, Larry Mann, Joan Gerber
Animation: Bob Richardson, Don Williams, Bob Bemiller, John Freeman, Reuben Timmins
Layout: Martin Strudler
Background: Richard Thomas
Film Editor: Joe Siracusa
Camera: John Burton Jr.
In Charge Of Production: Lee Gunther
Title: Arthur Leonardi

NOTE: First "Hoot Kloot" cartoon.

WORKING TITLE: "Kloot's County" (note the spelling)